Studded T fence post


It is time to prepare the second half year’s products , here are some brief introduction of our T post.

Studded  t post, often with a flat plate on it, to make it stabilized when we drive it to the ground.

Most of the posts are with a white point.

T post (10)

Above photo shows a kind of t studded post with green color, the surface-treatment is painted by a painted that friendly to the environment. NO HARM TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

With a beautiful green-white appearance, this green layer also with a fantastic anti rust you can use it for a longer time.

Now i show you around our production line

production process

From the raw material(billet steel)–hot rolled to the post pole–cut into proper length–painted–packing.

There is the other Studded t post with Hot dipped galvanized surface, we also can do that. but it is a little expensive.

the main reason is galvanized procedure is more expensive than paint .

Regarding the package, the most popular ones are 200 pieces/pallet, or 400 pieces/pallet. use iron pallet to delivered.

T post (7)

All of this are produced by ourselves, so save much of cost , and control the whole procedures quality.

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