This is our new order for star pickets, hot dipped galvanized , 1.65m, 1.8m, 1.9kg/m,

here are some photos for your refenece,

Tips for choose star picket,

  1. look at the apprearance, it is smooth and coated with galanized well, not spots on the surface.
  2. the distance of the holes, and the holes should be in one line.
  3. The point end should be sharp, it can’t excess 8mm at the point of 3 edges joint.
  4. the pallet should be tightened, not loose, this will keep it better when you transport the post.

here are my experiences when we producing and exporting, we can share together.

star picket

y post star picket

star-picket-1 (8)  star-picket-1 (12)