Some of clients complained the farm post they bought from other supplier, all of their problems are solved in our company, now they are happy to buy star picket from us.  In order to let you choose the right supplier, we made a summary these years.  please kindly check the following tips:

  1. First of all, we need to check the end point of the star picket, we request sharp point, due to the earth is hard especially in Australia and New Zealand. please kindly check the photos we show you.


compare-the-pointCHOOSE THE SHARP ONE. the standard point size is not more than 8mm, if the point is more than 8mm, quality failed. By the way, 3 edges form into a point, there are 2 small edges, and the third edge should be longer.

Second,  the surface treatment, whatever black bitumen or hot dipped gavlanzied coating, it requests good anti rust function,so the coating must be very firm, can’t be peeled off, and spread all over the star picket body, without any spot on it, for example, we can’t permit any of places without zinc coating or black bitumen.

zinc-coating-problems zinc-coating

Look at our star picket,


Third.  Keep all the holes in the larger edge in the same line.
Fourth.  packing,  because of transport by sea, it is very bumpy, so need to make the pallets package tight properly.
Fifth, find a  reliable supplier to build long term and steady relationship.Not only resonsible for the quality but also for the after sales services.

We have already export the star picket for around 10 years and with lots of experience producing the farm posts.

Please cherish your money, purchase the right products from the right supplier!We can be the one you can rely on when you need star pickets!

Once you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call us at

008615032207479. thank you for your reading.