Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Iron Wire: (Low carbon steel wire)

hot dipped galvanized wire

hot dipped galvanized wire


Heavily-galvanized-wire in big coil

Heavily-galvanized-wire in big coil

Hot dipped galvanized wire Low carbon steel wire 

Standard:  ASTMA411

Wire diameter: 0.2mm–3.5mm

Tensile strength: 350–550N/MM2 (soft)

Zinc coating: 35–290g/m2, WITH PERFECT anti corrosion zinc layer.

Zinc layer is firmed

Zinc layer is firmed

The zinc layer adhesion test, to keep the  the zinc layer firm, during the test, without cracking and flaking on the zinc layer surface. we are always offer you the qualified products,  when you weaving wire mesh , you don’t worry about the zinc layer can be peeled off.

Packing: 1kg/coil–800kg/coil can be available.

size(mm) coil size (inch) spool packing big coil packing,max: 1000kg
ID(mm) OD (mm)
0.15—0.26 6 “ 1—14㎏ axis
0.27—0.60 8 “ 1—100㎏ axis
0.61—1.60 12”、14”、16 “ 1—100㎏ axis 250-400 400-770
1.61—6.00 450508 800840


STANDARD: BS4565  ASTMA641   JISG3547   KSD7011, 

We strictly comply with the standards during the production procedures

 to meet up your request on the quality.

MATERIAL: 55#  60#  65# 70#   72A  80#  77B  82B

SIZES: 0.8–6.0MM

Tensile strength: 1000-1870MPA

Zinc coating:   100–600g/m2


Electro galvanized iron wire

for binding at construction site:

galvanized binding wire 5kg per roll ,7kg/roll 8kg/roll

galvanized binding wire 5kg per roll ,7kg/roll 8kg/roll

galvanized binding wire, 1kg/roll 2kg/roll,4kg/roll, 5kg/roll

galvanized binding wire, 1kg/roll 2kg/roll,4kg/roll, 5kg/roll

galvanized wire

galvanized wire


You can get galvanized wire as following:

Wire diameter: BWG8—BWG22, usually used for binding. BWG23-34 can be available,

Tensile strength: 350–550N/MM2

Our galvanized binding wire is  SOFT, SOFT ENOUGH to bind at construction site,

You Ideal choice to choose ours.

Zinc coating: 8-12g/m2, Good quality to anti rust

Elongation rate: 10%–25%

Packing: 0.3kg/coil–0.5kg/roll,  1kg/coil, 2kg/coil, 5kg/coil, 7kg/coil, 8kg/coil,

10kg/coil, 47kg/coil, 5kg/coil,  100kg/coil, 500kg/coil, 800kg/coil or as your   request.

Variety of package choices for you to choose. meet up any of your request on package.

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